How LG Chem Works Changes to Digital
How LG Chem Works Changes to Digital

How LG Chem Works Changes to Digital

■ Changing how we work by pursuing digital transformation

  - Constructing a digital collaboratio space called MS Teams for 18,000 people around the world
  - Advancing chatbot system to offer personalized digital secretary services
  - Employing AI functions for accurate translations including in-company terms

■ Reforming report/meeting culture led by management

  - Participated by all general manager-level leaders to produce report/meeting guide

■ Chief Executive Officer Shin Hak Cheol,

  “We will not only revamp our systems on how we work, but also innovate the work system to construct a 'smart work’ culture sought after by global talents”

LG Chem will make a massive overhaul on how it works through not only digital transformation of the work system including collaboration solutions, chatbots, and AI translations, but also by reforming its report/meeting cultures.

A total of 18,000 people around the world will collaborate with Teams in a digital space

First, LG Chem will fully implement Microsoft’s messenger-based collaboration solution, ‘Teams’ for a total of 18,500 office and technical employees in its work places around the world including Korea, China, USA, and Poland starting on April 1. This is the largest implementation of Teams among Korean companies.

LG Chem expects that once a digital work space is created by implementing Teams, it will be able to construct a 3U work system of untact, unstoppable, and unlimited.

▲ The untact work system will be constructed using functions such as real-time chatting, remote conferences, and joint document work. By doing so, it plans to improve work efficiency by reducing documents such as simple situational reports through sharing work situations regularly, and reducing traveling time for attending meetings, etc.

▲ Furthermore, once the unstoppable work system is built, it will be possible for LG Chem employees to work anytime, anywhere using various devices including PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. In particular, it will be possible to edit documents from PCs that do not have office software, making it possible to create a streamlined work environment in any situation.

▲ Lastly, a system for accessing information in an unlimited and simple fashion will be built. It will be possible to create and store simple chatting, meeting minutes, joint document work results, etc. in one place in Teams. Therefore, anyone at LG Chem will be able to check the work history and its context at a glance, which is expected to help improve productivity of employees.

Advancing chatbot systems to offer personalized digital secretary services

LG Chem also implemented a chatbot system that can reduce time wasted on simple and repetitive work for employees. By simply entering keywords as if chatting using messenger services, it will be possible to conveniently perform operations such as searching for employees, querying and registering schedules, reserving conference rooms, managing work hours, etc.

LG Chem plans to have the chatbot learn all of the information of the company based on AI to further advance the system. In addition to automation of simple work, it is expected that it will be possible to conveniently ask questions and receive answers as if chatting regarding information such as mass production progress, budget status, etc. linked to the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Specialized translator that translates even in-company terms - AI translator

LG Chem also introduced a multi-language translation system in the in-company system to support rapid and efficient work communication of employees.

LG Chem employees can translate various information uploaded in the in-company system including not only e-mails, messengers, and electronic authorization, but also attachments to up to 22 languages including English, Chinese, and Polish.

Furthermore, LG Chem applied AI functions in the in-company translation system to increase the accuracy of translations. It will thus be possible for LG Chem employees working at a total of 60 work places in 17 countries around the world to receive accurate translations ranging from industry terms to frequently used in-company terms for more effective work communication.

‘Report/meeting guide’ made and practiced by leaders first

LG Chem picked ‘report/meeting culture’ as a top priority for ‘smart work’ this year and all general manager and higher executives including Vice-chairman Shin Hak-cheol participated to produce and distribute the ‘report/meeting guide’.

The ‘report/meeting guide’ includes detailed behavior guidelines such as ▲ ‘reporting without documents’ through dialog, e-mail, systems, etc., ▲ ‘maximum two sheets for reports in meetings no longer than 30 minutes’ to minimize the drafting of reports, and ▲ ‘sharing progress regularly’ to match work goals between leaders and members.

Hak Cheol Shin, Chief Executive Officer said, “We must make huge innovations on how we work in order to quickly respond to markets such as the secondary battery business that is rapidly changing all around the world.”

He added, “We will not only revamp systems on how we work, but also innovate the work system, which is part of our ‘digital transformation’ to construct a ‘smart work culture’ sought after by global human resources.”