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ASA Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate

Highly functional plastic with excellent weatherability
ASA is a copolymer of SAN and acrylic rubber, and it is a highly functional plastic with
excellent weatherability while maintaining most of the advantages of ABS.
Thanks to its excellent retention of physical properties and appearances in outdoor
applications for a long time, it is used as a material for automobile exterior,
construction and furniture finishing sheet, etc.

Use of Product

Side Mirror Housings, Radiator grille, Window profiles, Deco sheet

Supply Chain

  1. STEP01. Raw material supply
    LG Chem supplies ASA
  2. STEP02. Processing company
    Automobile parts and Construction materials manufacturer
    (Injection/Extruding molding)
  3. STEP03. Final product
    Automobile, Window profiles, Deco Sheet, etc.


Weather resistance, Impact resistance, Chemical resistance, Excellent processability

Product Classification

Product Classification : Category, Features, Grade, Applications
Category Features Grade Applications
Injection High fluidity LI911 General Outdoor Application
Air-Conditioner Grill
Automotive Part
General LI912
High colorability LI918
Antistatic LI921NS
Heat resistance LI941, LI942, LI951
Extrusion High impact LI913, LI913-H Antenna Housings
Sheet for Furniture
High stiffness LI923
High hardness LI923P, LI923A
(Injection molding process)
Scratch resistance LI970, LI980, LI968W Window Profile, Siding
Roof Tile, Fence, Rain Gutter
High fluidity LI980-H, LI970HF
High gloss LI980G
High impact LI912-WNPZ
Low gloss LI931, LI931-C, LI933


  • ASA_Americas
  • ASA_Asia
  • ASA_China, Taiwan, Hong Kong 
  • ASA_Europe
  • ASA_Korea
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