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OXO Downstream/IPA
Product group manufactured through the OXO reaction
This product group includes alcohol and other downstream products of the
OXO reaction such as IPA and NPG. LG Chem provides high-quality products through
efficient and stable production process.
  • Alcohol
  • NPG
  • IPA


LG Chem produces octanol, normal butanol, normal butyraldehyde and isobutyraldehyde whose purity is 99.5% or higher.
These materials are recognized for their quality in the domestic and overseas markets alike. Furthermore, LG Chem introduced the liquid circulation process in
the manufacturing process so that it can supply the materials stably in and outside of Korea.
Raw material for plasticizers, adhesives, and acrylates

Use of Product

Plasticizer Materials, Adhesive Materials, Acrylate Materials

Alcohol Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials > Synthetic Gas > OXO reaction > Separation of isomers > Aldol condensation/Hydrogentation > Alcohol purification > Product

Product Classification

Product Classification : Category, Applications
Category Applications
2-Ethylhexanol(2-EH) Octanol Plasticizer / Stabilizer / Solvent / Acrylate
Normal Butyl Alcohol(N-BuOH) Normal Butanol Solvent / Adhesive / Detergent / Plasticizer / Acrylate


  • 2EH
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