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Fine Chemicals

We have enhanced global competitiveness based on
our superior technologies and production facilities.
We have produced various fine chemicals based on our superior organic synthesis
technologies and production facilities. For the first time in Korea, we developed
new three protection products, that is, Pyribenzoxim, Flucetosulfuron and Ethaboxam,
which are now exported to about 20 countries.

Product info

Crop Protection products

Crop protection products can be divided into two forms, which are active ingredients and formulated products, and include herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.LG Chem has developed a total of 20 active ingredients, including new substances and generics, and exported them to overseas markets, enhancing our competitiveness in the global market.

  1. STEP01. Active Ingredient
    An active substance that actually prevents plant diseases and kills pests and weeds
  2. STEP02. Formulated products
    Final product produced by combining active ingredients with various components

Featured Products

Category Product Usage
Herbicides Pyribenzoxim, Flucetosulfuron Rice farming (grasses/broad leaf weeds)
Insecticides Permethrin Indoor/outdoor pests (fly, mosquito, termite)
Lambda-cyhalothrin Fruit and Vegetables (aphid/moth)
Fungicides Metalaxyl Fruit and Vegetables (late blight / downy mildew)
Pencycuron Rice, Fruit and Vegetables (blight)

Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemicals are divided into active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which are the active ingredients of final products, and pharmaceutical Intermediates, which are the intermediates in the production of APIs. LG Chem has developed and produced active pharmaceutical ingredients for new and generic drug, pharmaceutical Intermediates and CMO products.

Raw Materials - Pharmaceutical Intermediates - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) - Medicine(Pharmaceutical Company)

Featured Products

Category Product Usage
Active pharmaceutical ingredients for new drugs Gemigliptin Tartrate Diabetes treatment - Zemiglo, Zemimet, etc.
Active pharmaceutical ingredients for generic drugs Iopromide, Ioversol X-ray contrast media
Pharmaceutical Intermediates DAMA Cephalosporin antibiotics (e.g. Ceftriaxone)
CMO products AQP Rebamipide for treatment of gastric ulcer

* CMO : Contract Manufacturing Organization

Chemical Materials

Since 2011, we have developed and commercialized a lots of products based on our organic synthesis capabilities to meet the needs for diverse materials, creating synergies with rechargeable battery, chemical and display material industries.

Battery Materials -> Chemical Materials -> Display Materials

Featured Products

Category Product
Rechargeable Battery Electrolyte additives for rechargeable batteries
Basic/Petrochemicals Modifiers of SSBR used for tires
Co-catalysts for alcohol production
Eco-friendly plastic catalysts
Display Materials HTL and ETL of OLED
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