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IR Activities

LG Life Sciences  Business Results
IR Activities : table for Event Name, Schedule, Location, Data download
Category Title Date Location Data
Results Announcement 4Q 2017 Business Results & Outlook 2018.01.31 LG Twin Tower Download
NDR Shinhan IR Non Deal Roadshow 2017.12.04 ~ 2017.12.08 Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia Download
NDR Nomura IR Conference/Non Deal Roadshow 2017.11.27 ~ 2017.11.28 Tokyo Download
Results Announcement 3Q 2017 Earnings Conference Call 2017.10.26 Conference Call Download
Results Announcement 2Q 2017 Earnings Conference Call 2017.07.19 Conference Call Download
NDR NH IR Non Deal Roadshow 2017.05.29 ~ 2017.06.02 New York,Boston, San Francisco Download
NDR Macquarie, Merrill Lynch, KRX, JP Morgan IR Conference/Non Deal Roadshow 2017.05.22 ~ 2017.05.26 Hong Kong, Singapore Download
Results Announcement 1Q 2017 Earnings Conference Call 2017.04.19 Conference Call Download
Results Announcement 4Q 2016 Earnings Conference Call 2017.01.26 Conference Call Download
NDR KRX, JP Morgan, CLSA IR Conference/Non Deal Roadshow 2016.11.15 ~ 2016.11.17 Hong Kong Download
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