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Touch Materials

Key material for touch panels
To make an ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film, indium and tin are sputtered and deposited
on a base film(PET or COP etc). ITO film is a key material for a touch panel.

Use of Product

TV, Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

Functions of Touch Materials

ITO Film

ITO Film Structure

ITO Film Structure
  • Protective Film(Option)This layer protects the surface of an ITO film
  • ITOThis transparent conductive layer is used as an electrode for measuring the capacitance to recognize touch inputs
  • Under CoatThis layer compensates for the ITO film's optical properties to achieve the desired penetration rate, color and ITO pattern shielding
  • Base FilmThis layer is where electric charges for detecting touch inputs are accumulated. Its thickness can vary depending on the type of a touch sensor
  • Hard CoatThis layer prevents scratches from forming on the surface of an ITO film during the manufacturing process of a touch sensor
  • Carrier Film(Option)
    Or Adhesive Film(Option)
    This layer is used to make it easy to handle the thin ITO film during the manufacturing process of a touch sensor An adhesive film (including the release film) for bonding the layers of a touch sensor

Product Classification

Product Classification : Category, Grade, Sheet Resistance (Ω/□), Thickness (㎛)*, Remarks
Category Grade Sheet Resistance (Ω/□) Thickness (㎛)* Remarks
General Type N2401-L2A 240 180
N2401-L2B 240 125
N2401-L2C 240 100
N2402-SCC5 240 50 Selection of carrier film required
N2401-S0C5 240 23 Selection of carrier film required
N1501-L2A 150 180
N1501-L2B 150 125
N1501-L2C 150 100
N1502-SCC5 150 50 Selection of carrier film required
N1501-S0C5 150 23 Selection of carrier film required
Adhesive Type N2401-A25 240 45
N1501-A25 150 45
N1501-A35 150 55
N1502-A25 150 75

* Thickness: This is applied to the inside of the Touch Sensor Module and excludes the thickness of process films (Protective Film, Carrier Film, Release Film)


  • ITO Film
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