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RO Membranes

LG Chem leads the way in membrane technology.
Thin-film membranes are widely used in water treatment processes as a means of
removing contaminants and purifying water from a broad range of sources. LG Chem
develops and manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) membranes that are widely used in
various applications ranging from seawater desalination to waste water reuse. In May
2014, LG Chem acquired NanoH2O, a US-based RO membrane manufacturer known
for its innovative thin-film nanocomposite membrane technology that dramatically
improves membrane efficiency and productivity. This unique technology, combined with
LG Chem’s experience in roll-to-roll coating, excellence in chemical and polymer
manufacturing, and world-class research & development will propel the growth of
its NanoH2O™ line of reverse osmosis membranes.
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Use of Product

Seawater desalination, Industrial water, Ultra-pure water, Waste water reuse, Potable water

Principles of Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is the natural tendency of water with a low concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) to travel through a semi-permeable membrane into a solution of higher TDS in order to balance the solute levels on both sides of the membrane.

Osmosis, Reverse osmosis
What is reverse osmosis?
Reverse Osmosis is a process in which pressure greater than the natural osmotic pressure is applied on the high concentration side of the membrane, forcing the water to travel through the membrane from the higher TDS to lower TDS chamber, thus ‘reversing’ the natural tendency of water flow.

Structure of an RO Membrane

A reverse osmosis membrane is comprised of a non-woven support fabric, a thin layer of polysulfone, and a top polyamide layer which determines the membrane’s rejection capabilities.

Polysulfone layer Non-woven support fabric, Polysulfone layer Non-woven support fabric
  • 1LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ line of reverse osmosis membranes feature benign nanoparticles encapsulated into the top polyamide layer.
  • 2LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ RO membranes deliver the highest flux and the highest salt rejection of any RO membrane on the market.
  • 3All of LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ RO membranes are Standard 61 certified by NSF international for the production of drinking water.

Product Classification

Product Classification : Category, Grade, Properties
Category Grade Properties
Seawater desalination R, GR, SR : High rejection
  • The highest salt rejection in the industry (99.89%)
ES : Energy Saving
  • High rejection and high flux
Industrial / Municipal use R : High rejection
  • High rejection
AFR : Anti-Fouling
  • High rejection, Anti-fouling
ES : Energy Saving
  • Low pressure and energy saving
  • High rejection and high flux


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