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'We aim to become a world-class materials company that is strong in R&D and considers  customer value creation as a top business priority.'

CEO Park, Jin-Soo

Welcome to LG Chem's Website.

Since our establishment back in 1947, LG Chem has pioneered the unexplored Korean chemical industry, playing a key role in improving the quality of life by providing our customers with differentiated products and services. From the very beginning of product development in 1950s to the launching of overseas businesses, LG Chem has opened up the age of high-value added plastics, becoming the first mover of innovation in Korean chemical history for about 70 years.

LG Chem has strengthened global presence in the petrochemical industry by expanding key businesses including ABS and PVC, namely ranging from premium products to daily commodities. Then, we have extended our chemical expertise into high-tech areas such as electronic materials and rechargeable batteries in search of next growth engine of the future. In the decade of 1990s, our company successfully commercialized polarizer used in LCDs and has firmly maintained No.1 position in the global market by continuous investment in R&D. Moreover, we now have secured key customers in the global market of lithium-ion batteries to power electronic gadgets, Electric Vehicles (EV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

As the clear vision of LG Chem reads, "Growing with customers by providing innovative materials and solutions", Customer-Value Creation is the core value of our business priority.
We have devoted ourselves to provide customers with better products and services, ultimately achieving greater customer satisfaction by our own differentiated values. Subsequently, sustainability is another value we pursue for the ideal of harmonious growth in environment, society and economy. As a responsible chemical company, we are dedicated to strengthening our environmental leadership, practicing transparency in management, and complying Jeong-Do management with a progressive governance structure.

Based on the technology and capability accumulated so far, LG Chem aims to reinforce talent development while increasing investment in R&D to maintain its leadership in becoming a "world-class materials company strong in R&D." We will also concentrate on sharpening our competitive edge in core businesses while expanding new business opportunities.

"Just like people think of a pharmacist when they need medicine, we want customers to think of
LG Chem when they think of materials."
LG Chem promises to dedicate greater effort in creating and innovating affluent future for our customers, stakeholders and humanity. Thank you.

Vice Chairman & CEO
Park, Jin-Soo

Park, Jin-Soo

Jin-Soo Park Vice Chairman & CEO Completed Advanced Management Program of Seoul National University Business School (2004) / Graduated in Chemical Engineering from Seoul National University (Feb.1977)
  • 2014~Vice Chairman & CEO of LG Chem
  • 2012President & CEO of LG Chem
  • 2008President of Petrochemicals Company,
    LG Chem
  • 2005CEO, LG Petrochemicals
  • 2003CEO, Hyundai Petrochemicals
  • 2002Vice President, ABS/PS Division, LG Chem
  • 1999Vice President, Specialty Polymers
    Division, LG Chem
  • 1996Vice President, Plant Manager,
    Yeocheon Styrene Resin Plant, LG Chem
  • 1977Joined Project Division of Lucky Ltd.
Awards and Other Activities
  • 2014~

    Vice Chairman, Seoul Chamber of Commerce
    and Industry

    Vice Chairman, Korea business Council for
    Sustainable Development

  • 2013~Vice Chairman, Korea Petrochemical Industry
    Vice Chairman, Korea Chemical Industry Council
    Vice chairman, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea, Business Executive Council
  • 2011~Member, The National Academy of Engineering
    of Korea
  • 2006Awarded “Gold Tower Order of Industrial Ser-
    vice Merit”
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