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Ethics Hotline

Matters to Be Reported
  • 01 Acts of bribery

    Monetary rewards, treats/entertainment, conveniences, borrowing, debt redemption, joint surety, cash loan, and any guarantee for future

  • 02 Illegal/unjust use of company assets

    Using tangible/intangible assets for improper purposes, embezzlement, and misappropriation

  • 03 Lack of transparency in the selection of partner companies

    Providing unfair opportunities, unfair transactions, and leakage of supplier information

  • 04 Document manipulation and false report

    Accounting fraud, information fabrication

  • 05 Having unfair stakes in partner companies

    Taking shares, investment, joint investment and acquiring common properties

Informant Protection

LG Chem shall not and will not disclose the identity of an informant or any type of information that can be a hint of it without his/her previous consent. LG Chem shall be held responsible for any damages caused by the failure to comply with this principle.

Report Processing

When an informant submits a report under his/her real name and explicitly requests feedback, LG Chem shall provide the feedback accordingly except for the cases where it may infringe upon the just right and interests of the company.


  • Tel82-2-785-2020
  • Fax82-2-3773-7099
  • AddressLG Chem Ethics Bureau, Fl. 23, East Bldg. of LG Twin Tower,128, Yeoeui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, R.O. Korea
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