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LCD Photoresist

A key material for implementing vivid LCD colors
A photo-sensitive material is a key material for a LCD color filter and is made of liquid
chemical that responds to the light to form three different pixels of red, green and
blue and create various colors. It is made using cutting-edge technologies including
semiconductor processing technology, photo-etching technology, material engineering
and precision chemistry. LG Chem succeeded in the mass production of photo-sensitive
materials for the first time in Korea by using its proprietary technology.

Use of Product

TV, Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

Functions of Photo-Sensitive Material

LG Chem's photo-sensitive materials consist of color-sensitive materials that are used to form the color pixels and transparent photo-sensitive materials that have special functional properties.

LCD Structure

Black Matrix
It blocks light penetration through the liquid crystal array that is
activated abnormally within the TFT panel
Color-sensitive material
It converts white light coming from the backlight into
colored light within the TFT-LCD
Over coat
It compensates for the difference between the R/G/B patterns
Column Spacer
It maintains the distance between the glass substrates at the top
and bottom of the LCD constantly


High contrast ratio
It further sharpens the image quality of
an LCD.
High sensitivity
When exposed to light after coating, it
achieves fast reaction speed, shortening
the time required for the process.
High-speed scan
It quickens the time required for applying
the photo-sensitive material to a glass

Product Classification

Product Classification : Product, Features
Product Features
Color Full line-up for mobile , NBPC, MNT, LED TV, and white OLED
Highly bright products through the application of dyes in addition to conventional pigment sprays
High resolution products to which micropattern process is applicable
OC High transparency and excellent chemical resistance
CS A wide variety of products including universal CS, Dual CS, micropattern CS, etc.
BM High optical density BM, micropattern BM, etc.
BCS This product integrates the roles of BM and CS.
PAC This new material for COT/COA processes can implement micropatterns.


  • LCD Photoresists
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