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Rechargeable Battery Materials

Key to maintaining competitiveness of world-class battery technology
Cathode material provides lithium ions while electrolytes work like a medium that
transports lithium ion between (-) electrode and (+) electrode.
LG Chem produces a battery from start to finish, including its raw material as well
as finished goods, utilizing its competitiveness in battery technology.

Use of Product

Mobile Battery(Rectangular), Mobile Battery (Cylindrical), Automobile Battery, ESS Battery

Structure of Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable battery produces electricity by letting a lithium ion move between cathodes and anodes.

  • Anode Materials : Provides lithium ion.
  • Cathode Materials : Accepts/releases lithium ion during charging/discharging.
  • Electrolyte : A medium that transports lithium ion.
  • Separator : Separates(+) electrode from(-) electrode and provides a transport route for lithium ions.

Product Classification

Product Classification : Category, Grades, Features
Category Grades Features
Cathode Materials NCM(3 Composition)
  • Batteries for IT and Automobile, ESS
  • Better price and higher capacity than LCO


  • Rechargeable Battery Materials
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