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LDPE Low Density Polyethylene

The latest advanced high-pressure technology
LDPE, which stands for low-density polyethylene, is a synthetic resin which is
manufactured by polymerizing ethylene. It is one of the most commonly used plastics in
our life. Its excellent processability, flexibility and transparency make it a raw material
for transparent films, wire sheaths, and diverse wraps. LG Chem produces LDPE using
the latest advanced high-pressure technology.

Use of Product

Coating film(interior) , Protective film, Food container lid, IV solution bag

Supply Chain

  1. STEP01. Raw material supply
    LG Chem
    supplies LDPE
  2. STEP02. Processing company
    Packing paper and film
  3. STEP03. Final product
    Food packing material, protective film, etc.


Impact resistance - Chemical resistance - Processability - Transparency

Product Classification

Product Classification : Category, Features, Applications
Category Features Applications
Blow Film molding grade General and pallet shrink packaging film, film products for chopping board and for industrial use, etc.
Injection Excellent fluidity, flexibility and
Container lids, household goods, powder coating
Film Excellent mechanical properties Heavy duty packaging, fertilizer bag, shrink film, packing material for detergents and cosmetics,
tube for agricultural irrigation, film for greenhouses and tunnels, general and pallet shrink packaging film, etc.
Coating Excellent mechanical properties and
chemical resistance
Flexible packaging(adhesive layer of multi-layered packaging film, thermal sealing layer that contacts food)
Wire Low-density polyethylene Cable insulation(for OC)
Foaming Low-density polyethylene Non-crosslinked foam sheet


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  • LDPE_Tech Center  
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