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PP Polypropylene

Products that are suitable for special purposes
Polypropylene(PP), one of the most commonly used plastics, is a synthetic resin made
by polymerizing propylene. Its types vary depending on its properties and processing
methods. Its excellent tensile strength and impact strength make it widely used in
multiple areas, including films, textiles, automotive parts, and more. LG Chem produces
and supplies PP products that are suitable for special purposes such as injection
molding and fiber.

Use of Product

Automotive parts , Ropes, Non-woven fabrics, IV solution bags

Supply Chain

  1. STEP01. Raw material supply
    LG Chem supplies PP
  2. STEP02. Processing company
    Non-woven fabrics and automotive parts
  3. STEP03. Final product
    Non-woven fabrics, automotive bumpers,


Impact resistance, High strength, Heat resistance, High transparency

Product Classification

Product Classification : Category, Features, Applications
Category Features Applications
Injection Hardness and processability Parts for small electronic devices(lid, tray, etc.), compound base resin for automobiles,
housewares, toys, etc.
Fiber Excellent processability and property balance Safety net for construction, fishing net, rope, filament for civil engineering/industrial use,
general multi-filament, carpet, fabric
Melt-blown Excellent processability and property balance Melt-blown non-woven fabric(diapers, wipers, absorbents, etc.)
Yarn Excellent processability and mechanical properties Gunny sack, tape, rope, fishing net
For medical use Excellent processability and physical properties Bottles for medical use, IV solution bags
Film Excellent processability and physical properties CPP film(mid-slip), translucent injection, bead foaming and CPP film(slip & opening)


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