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NCC Naphtha Cracking Center

Achieving the best energy efficiency in the world
NCC is a facility for producing basic petrochemicals such as ethylene and propylene,
which are the base materials for petrochemistry, by cracking naphtha at high
temperature. Naphtha is obtained by refining crude oil. LG Chem has secured excellent
cost competitiveness by achieving the best energy efficiency in the world.

Use of Product

Raw material for polyolefin, Raw material for synthetic rubber, Raw material for ABS

Naphtha Process

Naphtha C3&C4 LPG Process : Thermal cracking process(Naphtha is cracked at high temperature and decomposes into hydrocarbons with a smaller carbon number.) - Quenching process(Cracked high-temperature gas is cooled and separated into individual chemicals through two phases.) - Compression process(The pressure of the cooled gas is increased by a compressor to separate and refine it in an economical way.) - Refining process(The respective components of the compressed and dried gas are separated in stages.) : Ethylene, Propylene, Mixed C4 - BD plant, RPG, BTX plant


Cracker energy efficiency of 95% / An in-house power generator  and waste heat recovery system / The best global NCC energy company in the world(Research institution : Solomon Associates, a US-based consulting firm specializing in NCC(2013) Targets : 115 NCC companies worldwide


  • C8+, PHT C9+, PFO
  • Ethylene
  • NA40
  • Pentane(CYC5, IC5, NC5, IP series, CP series)
  • Propylene
  • Py-Gas(Purchase), Toluene, Mixed Xylene
  • SM, Raw C5, H-RPG
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