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Advanced BESS


LG Chem provides Advanced BESS which is the core device of the future power business through world’s best manufacturing facilities and technology.
We present solutions to meet customers’ needs and offer differentiated values through high performance, long life, and safety.

Power Plant → Large BESS(Grid ESS) → Transmission → Substation-scale BESS(Grid ESS) → Distribution → BESS close to consumption center(Residential / Industrial ESS, UPS etc.) → Home

Structure of BESS

Cell Pack Rack System

- Selection of cell according to customer requirements and application characteristics (Various cylindrical and polymer batteries are available)

- Composition of standard pack through the combination of sub module and BMS
- Packs can be used independently or expanded by serial/parallel arrangement depending on customer requirements.

- Rack system in case of serial/parallel expansion
- Efficient system design through the installation of BMS in pack/rack unit


1.Renewable Integration

- ESS stabilizes the intermittent renewable energy production by charging/discharging

2.Frequency Regulation

- ESS, as an online power source, responds rapidly to system-operator requests to correct frequency for unintended fluctuations

3.T&D Deferral

- Deferring the upgrade of a substation by co-locating an ESS for supplemental source at site

4.Peak Shifting

- ESS is charged off-peak when electricity rates are low and discharged when retail rates are high.


- Integrate power generation and consumption by interconnecting ESS and PV


- UPS is an electrical device that provides emergency power to loads when blackout occurs.


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