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Additives that increase flexibility and elasticity of PVC
Plasticizer is added to the PVC to boost its flexibility and elasticity. Together with the
PVC resin, it is used for wallpapers, flooring, wires and toys. LG Chem produces both
general plasticizers and special plasticizers.

Use of Product

Wallpaper, Flooring, Artificial leather, Wire

Supply Chain

  1. STEP01. Raw material supply
    LG Chem supplies plasticizers
  2. STEP02. Processing company
    PVC processing company(extrusion, injection, calendar)
  3. STEP03. Final product
    Wallpaper, sheet, artificial leather, wire,


Merchantability, Processability, Excellent plasticizing efficiency

Product Classification

Product Classification : Grades, Features, Applications
Grades Features Applications
LGflex GL300 Non-phthalate, heat resistance, excellent viscosity index Sheet, artificial leather, gloves, wallpaper, toy, hose
LGflex GL100 Non-phthalate, low volatility, electric insulation Wire, dipping product
LGflex DOP General purpose Artificial leather, sheet, gloves, hose, shoes, wallpaper, eraser
LGflex DINP Electric insulation, excellent viscosity index Wire, artificial leather
LGflex DIDP Low volatility, electric insulation, heat resistance Wire
LGflex DOA Cold resistance, compatibility Hose, artificial leather, sheet
LGflex DPHP Low volatility, electric insulation, heat resistance Wire, artificial leather, sheet
LGflex TOTM Heat resistance, low volatility, electric insulation, migration resistance High-temperature wire
LGflex TINTM Aging resistance, oil resistance, migration resistance Wire
LGflex EBN.W (Non-phthalate) adhesiveness, transparency, certification for food packaging standards(FDA) For food packaging
LGflex BET (Non-phthalate) excellent odor properties, migration resistance, low volatility  Interior material for automobiles, artificial leather, toy
LGflex DPTP Low volatility, electric insulation, heat resistance Wire, artificial leather


  • Plasticizer_America / Asia
  • Plasticizer_Central and South America
  • Plasticizer_China
  • Plasticizer_Europe / Africa
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