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Talent Development

Systematic training for the development of global talent
LG Chem believes that our people are the source of our differentiated competitiveness, so we have established a systematic people management strategy based on our business objectives and strategies.

Talent development to lead the market

LG Chem provides systematic training programs to develop future entrepreneurs, develop professional abilities for product competitiveness, and strengthen globalization and leadership abilities for the success of our global businesses.

Development of core talent

LG Chem systematically develops future entrepreneurs with the business capabilities and leadership abilities to continuously lead the market.

Development of global talent

LG Chem provides training programs, such as the Global Standard Tasks and Business Manners training, to employees who deal with customers all over the world to enhance organizational capabilities and secure competitiveness. Furthermore, LG Chem provides various long-term training camps for various languages, including English and Chinese, to strengthen our employees' foreign language abilities. LG Chem also provides Global MBA, College Outreach Education, and Region Expert Program to strengthen the strategic initiatives of our global businesses.

Securing Global Talent

LG Chem has actively forayed into the global market to become a global chemical company and has established local subsidiaries around the world by securing and nurturing local talent. In China, local subsidiaries have recruited talented students from major local universities and have hired, as needed, talented people who have the capabilities necessary for the local business.
In the U.S.A. and Europe, LG Chem has secured talented managers as needed through the local head-hunting companies.

2013 BC Tour in Japan / 2014 BC Tour in U.S.A / 2015 BC Tour in China

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