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R&D Field

LG Chem's R&D Center, a center for next-generation materials and future technologies
LG Chem's central research center cultivates the main base technologies and secures technologies in the new business fields. Also, the research centers under
each business unit perform research activities and develop products that are required by the business units.
Through these activities, we aim to enhance our competitiveness in key technologies and carry out next-generation technological innovations.

Platform Technologies / Future Technologies

LG Chem's Corporate R&D center constantly reinforces its main base technologies such as Adhesion/Adhesive coating, process, simulation and analysis technologies to enhance the competitiveness of the current businesses. LG Chem also operates Future Technology Research Center to discover and nurture promising new future businesses such as eco-friendly/energy materials, new and advanced materials and inorganic materials.

Major Fields of Research

  • Platform technologiescoating/dispersion, adhesion, simulation, process technology, and analysis/rheological property
  • Eco-friendly/Energy materialswater treatment separator, fuel cell, solar cell material, and innovative battery membrane
  • High Functional Advanced Materialsconductive material, and printed touch film
  • Inorganic materials Inorganic synthesis
ase Technologies / Future Technologies

Basic Materials

LG Chem's strengthens competitiveness of the existing businesses and engages in research and development activities for new products based on our key technologies including polymerization, catalyst and process technologies. With the accumulated R&D capabilities, the research center focuses on developing highly-functional, Eco-friendly materials and creating new business opportunities.

Major Fields of Research

  • Polymersflame-retardant material, ASA resin, synthetic rubber, latex, PC, PVC, and plastic modifying agent.
  • Eco-friendly/
    High performance materials
    Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), CO2 plastic, and battery binder
  • Catalyst-based technologies
    and process development
    metallocene PP, metallocene PE, acrylate process development, and carbon nanotube
Basic Materials

Tech Center focuses on technical service & development (TS&D) to provide technology development support for polymer products, develop new materials, venture into new fields and markets, and provide technical trainings. It has expanded its services beyond Korea into China (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Ningbo), North America and Europe.

Major Fields of Research

  • Basic material products/technologiesPolyolefin, PVC, ABS, EP, rubber/special resin (synthetic rubber/latex/MBS/SBS), SAP, and applied technologies (processing technology/product design)
Basic Materials

Battery Solution

LG Chem's Battery Research Center performs research on battery materials such as electrode materials, separators and electrolytes based on the extensive technologies in the fields of electrochemistry, organic/inorganic materials, metals, polymers, etc. Based on the research results, the center develops high-capacity/high-output batteries and systems used for mobile devices, electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Major Fields of Research

  • Battery materialselectrode, separator, and electrolyte conductive materials, binder
  • Mobile batteries lithium-ion cylindrical battery, lithium-ion rectangular battery, lithium-ion polymer, and mobile battery pack
  • Automobile batterieslithium-ion polymer battery, battery management system (BMS), and automobile battery pack
  • Energy storage battery lithium-ion polymer battery, battery management system (BMS), and energy storage battery pack and system
Energy Solutions

IT & Electronic Materials

IT and Electronic Materials Research Center has carried out research with the aim of developing market-leading products in the fields of display, semiconductor, and environment Its main products include polarizing plate for LCD,3D FPR1), semiconductor material and water treatment filter.
The IT and Electronic Material Research Center will continue its research and development activities to develop products that are competitive in the global market based on its core technologies such as adhesives, coating, film processing, and liquid crystal application.

Major Fields of Research

  • Displaypolarizer, adhesion materials, functional film, Display Glass
  • Semiconductor materialSemiconductor material - DAF2) & DFSR3), CCL4)
  • Eco-friendlywater treatment membrane

1) Film Patterned Retarder, 2) Die Attach Film,
3) Dry Film Solder Resist, 4) Copper Clad Laminate

IT & Electronic Material

Advanced Materials

LG Chem's Advanced Materials Research Center makes an effort to develop differentiated materials that are required to produce continuous outcome in the display field, performing research on LCD color filters, OLED materials, flexible circuit board materials and battery materials.

Major Fields of Research

  • Display materialLCD color filters, OLED materials, and flexible circuit board materials
  • Energy material OLED lighting, and battery materials

Life Sciences

The LG Chem’s Life Sciences R&D has carried out research in synthetic drugs, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostic agents to improve health and welfare of the humankind. It has also constantly invested in R&D and focused its capabilities in developing new bioproducts.

Major Fields of Research

  • Synthetic DrugsMetabolic Diseases, Cancers
  • BiopharmaceuticalsBiosimilars, Vaccines, Growth Hormones, Osteoarthritis Drugs, Fertility Drugs
  • Diagnostic AgentsGenetic Diagnostics
Life Sciences
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