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R&D Status

World-class materials company fully committed to R&D activities
LG Chem aims to reinforce the competitiveness of its core technologies, increase investment in the next-generation materials and technologies,
and develop new growth engines for the future to maintain its position as a world-leader in R&D among materials companies.
We also try to pursue harmonious long-term growth in the environment, society, and economy by developing environmentally-friendly technology and products.

R&D Organization

R&D Expense / Workforce

LG Chem makes full investment for the future by continuously expanding R&D Expense and increasing R&D Workforce.

R&D Expense

(unit: 100 million KRW)

R&D Workforce

(unit: person)

Intellectual Property Rights Status

As of October, 2014, LG Chem holds approximately 25,000 intellectual property rights.

(Number of Holding) *As of Oct. 2014
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