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Synthetic Rubber
The synthetic polymer with high elasticity and strength
Synthetic rubber is a synthetic polymer with high elasticity and strength.
It has excellent wear resistance, rebound resilience and mechanical properties and is
used for a belt, hose, shoes, etc.
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BR(Butadiene Rubber) is a synthetic rubber made by applying solution polymerization method on butadiene. It has a higher proportion of cis isomers.
BR is used largely for tires, shoes and golf balls because of its excellent wear resistance, bend resistance, rebound resilience and cold resistance.

Use of Product

Tire, Golf ball(core), Shoe insole

Supply Chain

  1. STEP01. Raw material supply
    LG Chem supplies BR
  2. STEP02. Processing company
    Tire, golf ball, footwear manufacturer
  3. STEP03. Final product
    Tire, golf ball, shoes, etc.


Wear resistance, Bend resistance, Rebound resilience, Cold resistance

Product Classification

Product Department Table : Product, Polymer, Properties(Purpose)
Product Polymer Properties(Purpose)
Exterior kook Mooney viscosity Cis content(%) Molecular structure
1208 White bale 45 97 Linear Elasticity, wear resistance, cold resistance(tire, shoes, golf ball, belt)
1280 White - Pale yellow bale 45 96 Branched Processability, wear resistance, cold resistance(tire, belt)


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