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Synthetic Rubber
The synthetic polymer with high elasticity and strength
Synthetic rubber is a synthetic polymer with high elasticity and strength.
It has excellent wear resistance, rebound resilience and mechanical properties and is
used for a belt, hose, shoes, etc.
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NBR(Nitrile-butadiene rubber) is a synthetic rubber made by performing low-temperature emulsion polymerization on acrylonitrile and butadiene.
NBR is highly resistant to oil and is used for fuel hose, shoe soles, automotive parts, etc.
It is also highly compatible with PVC and is used as a modifying agent for PVC.

Use of Product

Rubber roller, Foaming insulator, Packing, Hose

Supply Chain

  1. STEP01. Raw material supply
    LG Chem supplies NBR
  2. STEP02. Processing company
    Roller and hose rubber parts
    manufacturer (compound/molding)
  3. STEP03. Final product
    Automobile hose, machinery, printer roller, etc.


Excellent processability, Excellent miscibility, Wear resistance, Oil resistance

Product Classification

Product Department Table : Product, Polymer, Properties(Purpose)
Category Product Name AN(%) MV(ML1+4) Properties Purpose
Low acrylonitrile content
(AN content : 15~24%)
NBR 2255 22 55
  • Excellent cold resistance and elasticity due to low AN content.
  • Has viscosity and may manifest low hardness.
acrylonitrile content
(AN content : 26~30%)
NBR 7150 28 50
  • Maintains flexibility under winter-like temperature conditions.
  • Maintains the balance among low-temperature properties, oil resistance and elasticity.
Hose/Foaming insulator
NBR 2860 28 60
NBR 2875 28 75
acrylonitrile content
(AN content: 31~35%)
NBR 6230 34 33
  • Maintains the balance among oil resistance, elasticity and processability.
  • Easy to adjust properties such as adhesiveness, bridging speed, tensile strength, etc.
  • Can be used in the processing equipment such as press, extrusion, injection, calendar, etc.
Packing/Roller/Belt/Shoe sole
NBR 6240 34 40
NBR 6250 34 50
NBR 6260 34 60 Hose/Foaming insulator
NBR 6280 34 80
NBR 6840 34 40
  • Has low mold contamination and high vulcanization speed.
  • Has high elasticity and excellent mechanical properties.
  • Can be used in applications that require contact with food.
NBR 6850 34 50
NBR 3445 34 45
High acrylonitrile content
(AN content: 36~45%)
NBR 3250 41.5 55
  • Due to the high AN content, solvent resistance, oil and fuel resistance and dimensional stability are important.
  • With its high adhesiveness, it has excellent roll workability and chemical dispersion properties.
NBR 3280 41.5 80
NBR/PVC Alloy(*) NBR 7030 34 60
  • Product that contains both NBR and PVC. It has excellent wear resistance and ozone resistance.
  • Has excellent extrusion moldability and dimensional stability.
Cable/Roller/Hose/Shoe sole
NBR 7030H 34 70
NBR 7030L 28 55 Hose/Roller


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