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Climate Change/Energy

Vision for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

LG Chem is striving to strengthen our competitiveness in relation to energy and greenhouse gases(GHG) by responding quickly to internal and external regulations on GHG and energy, and supporting our green business. Through such efforts, we will move forward as an innovative green company.

No.1 Greenovation Company
Strengthen Cost Leadership / Ease regulation impacts / Build Eco-friendly Processes
Enhance Competitiveness in Energy and GHG Reduction Proactively Respond to Global Regulations / Support Green Business
  1. 01. Advocacy & Comprehensive Cooperation
    • Respond to government authorities
    • Respond to government regulations
    • Respond to NGOs
    • Promote ourselves as a green company
    • Support green business
  2. 02. Carbon Management
    • Information about carbon footprints in the supply chain
    • Carbon Performance Label
    • Provide carbon information for products
    • Disclose carbon information
    • IT Management
  3. 03. Respons to Regulation
    • Target management
    • Proactively respond to emissions trading
    • Carry out a CDM business
  4. 04. Energy Saving & GHG Reduction
    • Set up management system
    • Draw up mid- to long-term plans
    • Analyze potential reductions
    • Support reduction technology
    • Technology sharing meetings
    • Performance sharing meeting
Global (Domestic Sites & Research Park + Overseas Manufacturing Subsidiaries)

Strategies and Goals

LG Chem set its GHG reduction target at 23% compared with estimated emissions(BAU) by 2020 and mid- and long-term energy intensity reduction targets to reduce GHG emissions and energy use over the long term, and the company has been continuously carrying out improvement activities. Since it set the GHG reduction targets, the company has reached the annual targets every year and is increasing energy intensity reduction activities to give further impetus.

GHG Reduction Goal

Reduction of 23% against BAU level by 2020

Action Plans

  • Monitoring emissions relative to the goal every year until 2020
  • Analyzing potential reductions by each business unit and developing new green technology

GHG Reduction Goals and performance

GHG emissions (thousand tons)* Scope : Domestic and all overseas sites

2015(Performance) BAU 10,626 18% ▽(8,719) / 2020(Goal) BAU 12,757 23% ▽ (9,821)

GHG reductions *Compared with estimated GHG emissions(BAU) / Awarded for three consecutive years CDP-selected excellent company for climate changeresponse / Integrated energy management system(EnMS) certification of all domestic plants

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