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SH&E Management Strategy

Company committed to safety, health, and environment(SH&E) management
LG Chem encourages safe, healthy, and environmentally-conscious management through a diverse range of innovative activities, technical developments, and portfolio rebalancing based on our health, safety, and environmental policies.

Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

Here at LG Chem, we recognize that safety, health and environment(SH&E) is the fundamental element for securing differentiated competitiveness. For continuous improvement on SH&E performance, LG Chem will be committed to implementing the following principles.

  • We will comply with all SH&E legal requirements and establish global-leading SH&E rules and best practices.
  • We will drive continuous innovation throughout the entire life cycle of the product to supply environment-friendly products and services.
  • We will provide a safe and healthy work environment, and ensure the principle-adhering corporate culture.
  • We will support our business partners and local communities in the improvement of the SH&E practices as our social responsibility.
  • We will communicate our SH&E policies and programs with stakeholders.

SH&E Management Framework

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