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SH&E Management

SH&E Vision

At LG Chem, we consider safety, health & environment(SH&E) as one of our top management priorities. We selected and executed several important tasks in order to enhance our competitiveness and power of implemented in the areas of SH&E. In this way, we want to continuously seek a balance between business activities and SH&E issues.

Balance between Business Activities and  SH&E
Enhance Competitiveness and Implementation of  SH&E
  1. 01. Secure absolute safety
    • Strengthen safety awareness among employees
    • Secure the safety of processing equipment
    • Reinforce fire/explosion prevention system
  2. 02. Promote Health in a Preventive Manner
    • Improve the work environment
    • Manage employees with health issues
    • Encourage health promotion activities
  3. 03. Continue to Improve the Environment
    • Preemptively respond to domestic & international regulations and issues
    • Reduce pollutants
    • Make efficient use of resources

SH&E Management System

All the policies, as well as the strategic tasks and targets, were decided upon and implemented according to such standardized SH&E management systems as ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001 and KOSHA 18001. We have our SH&E management system certified by a third party and make continuous improvements through audits and review.

Safety, Health and Environmental Management

LG Chem publically announced its will for management based on safety, health and environment and established the SH&E management principles to suggest its overall directions. Based on these principles, LG Chem established a set of standards for job implementation and rules/practices for work handling procedure to smoothly perform the works of business sites.

Safety, Health and Environmental Education

LG Chem's each business site identifies the needs for safety, health and environmental education/training and establishes a yearly education/training plan for the employees and partner companies.

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