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Sustainability Management System

As a materials company, LG Chem strives to create sustainable value by prioritizing people and respecting the environment in all of our business activities. To this end, we have chosen to include 10 strategies for sustainability, economic, environmental, and societal management in our vision entitled "Sustainable Chemistry for Humanity and the Environment."

Sustainable Chemistry for Human and Environment
Principles of

We abide by the principles of sustainability to create sustainable value.

  1. 01 We provide environmentally friendly and innovative materials and solutions.
  2. 02 We adhere to business ethics as a corporate citizen.
  3. 03 We make products and run operations in a sustainable way.
  4. 04 We contribute to the growth of communities using our capabilities.
  1. 01. Economic
    • Expanding markets and
      increasing sales
    • Improving customer value
  2. 02. Environmental
    • Strengthening product
    • Responding to climate
      change and reducing energy
    • Reducing the environmental
      impacts of operations
  3. 03. Social
    • Reinforcing safety and health
    • Strengthening compliance
      with fair trade
    • Strengthening partnerships
      with business partners
    • Pursuing strategic social
    • Respecting human rights and
      developing talent

    Global Human Rights & Labor Policy

LG Chem Global Human Rights & Labor Policy

Under the corporate management principle, “People-Oriented Management”, LG Chem fulfills its basic responsibility to uphold human rights and the right for freedom and happiness. LG Chem supports the international standards including Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Human Rights and Labor Principles of UN Global Compact(UNGC), UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights(UNGP), International Labor Organization(ILO), and is in compliance with the laws of the countries we operate in.
LG Chem applies the policy on all overseas business sites, and also constantly monitors and reduces any risks regarding to human rights. Furthermore, LG Chem shares the policy with our stakeholders including employees, customers and suppliers and contributes to improving and expanding their awareness of the policy.

LG Chem Global Human Rights & Labor Policy
Divison Content
Respect for
Human Dignity
LG Chem respects all employees and strives to create secure working environment by prohibiting workplace violence, including abusive language, psychological or physical coercion, etc.
Avoidance of
Forced Labor
LG Chem prohibits all forms of involuntary labor, including forced labor and restriction of psychological and physical freedom of employees. Original copy of identification, passport, and work permits is not requested upon hiring
Prohibition of
Child Labor
LG Chem complies with the local labor laws on minimum age of employment and prohibits the child labor below the age of 16. Employees under the age of 18 will not be permitted to tasks that jeopardize their health or safety, including night shifts and overtime.
LG Chem provides equal opportunities for hiring, promoting, remunerating, and training. We strictly prohibit all forms of discrimination including gender, age, race, religion, disability, marital status, pregnancy, labor union activities, and social status.
LG Chem complies with local laws on working hours(regular/overtime hours, holidays) and shall not force employees to work overtime. Employees are to be paid based on labor laws when working overtime.
and Benefits
All employees are to be paid above minimum wage prescribed by local laws.
Freedom of
LG Chem respects the employee’s freedom of association and collective bargaining in accordance with local labor laws. Employees can communicate with management regarding their working conditions without any fear of discrimination or retaliation. Employees will not be disadvantaged for joining, participating, or organizing labor unions.
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