LG Chem leads the future eco-friendly energy industry with the development of proprietary materials and next-generation battery cells.
LG Chem, which is the only chemistry-based company among global battery cell manufacturers, has led the world lithium-ion battery market by leveraging its proprietary material technologies.
Positioned as a global leader in the battery industry for EVs and Energy Storage Systems (ESS), the company has actively developed new products based on its proprietary technologies and has secured the battery production capacity as a global player to raise the dominance in the next-generation energy market.
4.6KRW trillion
6.5KRW trillion
8.3KRW trillion
  • 1995 Started development of lithium-ion batteries
  • 2009 Supplied the world’s first lithium-ion batteries for HEV
  • 2013 Developed the world’s first hexagon-typed pouch battery for smart watches
  • 2016 Supplied lithium-ion batteries for spacesuit of NASA
  • 2018 Developed the world’s first L-shaped battery
Automotive Battery Automotive Battery
ESS Battery ESS Battery
IT & New Application Battery IT & New Application Battery
  • Material Strength Leading high capacity anode material technology Original technology of ceramic coating separator (Safety Reinforced Separator)
  • Advanced Process Stacking & Folding Lamination & Stacking
  • Global Operational Capability Long Experience in Operation Established a global production system (Korea, USA, China, EU)
Major industries
Electric vehicles Electric vehicles
Smartphone Smartphone