[EV Battery] Let’s turn you into a treasure chest again

Electric vehicle sales are expected to increase sharply since 2025, as Europe and many other countries are tightening regulations on internal combustion engine vehicles.

The batteries mounted in finished electric vehicles are replaced after driving about 200,000 km or more.
Waste batteries that are replaced for new ones or discarded from scrap cars have shorter battery life compared to their initial performance.

What happens to the batteries that are replaced?
Waste batteries that are discarded may cause another social problem by generating environmental pollution.

To solve this problem, LG Chem, the world's leading battery manufacturer, is using waste batteries to develop ESS (Energy Storage System) that charges electric vehicles.

If the recovered waste batteries from electric vehicles are reused for ESS, and the expired batteries are disassembled and reused to make new batteries, we can play a significant role in reducing costs and minimizing environmental pollution.

We are looking forward to LG Chem's sustainable growth, which fulfills its social responsibility as a manufacturer with bold challenges and state-of-the-art technology.

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