[SBR] Escalator handles that keep you safe

Escalators are commonly installed in public areas such as department stores and subway stations.

With an increasing number of installations, it is recommended to hold the handrails during the ride.

The handrails help prevent riders from falling when the escalator stops abruptly.

The part that people hold on to is the cover layer made of rubber.

Because it directly makes contact with our skin, the material needs to look and feel good, while also having excellent durability and heat resistance.

The most commonly used material is a kind of synthetic rubber called SBR (styrene butadiene rubber).

It makes up most of the a black handles that we see in everyday life.

◆ SBR(Styrene Butadiene Rubber)

SBR is a synthetic rubber product made by polymerizing styrene and butadiene through low temperature emulsification.

Compared to natural rubber, SBR has a uniform quality and excellent heat and abrasion resistance.

It is used widely as the material for tires, shoes, and other industrial products.