[OCA] Key Material for the Foldable Phone

It was a huge sensation when smartphones first came out.

But with plenty of smartphones with advanced specifications, expectations are not as high for new models.

In such a climate, "foldable smartphones" launched by major manufacturers have become the new trend in the market.

It was made possible due to parts made of special materials.

The ITO film, the key material of the touch panel, is placed on top of the display module.

Depending on the situation, several layers of ITO film are attached, and finally, a cover glass or cover plastic is applied to protect the display itself.

It is not just about placing various materials on top.
Each material must be firmly attached to the panel to maintain its shape.

This is when the optically clear adhesive (OCA) film is used.

It is a kind of "glue" in the form of a film that attaches panel materials.

When the film is folded and stretched multiple times, the adhesive strength will be weakened.

Using poor-quality glue might make the film fall off.

As the market for smartphones with flexible OLED and foldable displays expands, the demand for high-performance OCAs that prevent the deformation of adhesive areas after folding and bending will continue to grow.

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