[IT & New Application Battery] Making Lawnmowers Move More Freely

People are increasingly more interested in buying country houses. A country house is attractive because you can enjoy the country lifestyle surrounded by nature and usually there is a large patch of land you can use as a front yard or a family garden. A front yard full of green grass has become an essential part of what people think a country house should look like.

As important as it is to plant the grass however, what is more important is how you take care of the grass. That is because an unmanaged, densely over-grown lawn can be such an eyesore. So many people use lawnmowers to manage their lawns. Although not so common in Korea, lawnmowers are widely used in Western households.

The way you work a lawnmower is to push it around the lawn to cut the grass. But if the lawnmower is connected to the power source through a cord, its movements would most likely be limited.

That is why people prefer “wireless lawnmowers” these days. The advantage is that you can move the lawnmower around without any restriction since there is no power cord. However, powering the lawnmower without a cord requires a battery. Here, the most commonly used type is the “lithium ion battery.”


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