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Operation Programs

Company committed to Jeong-Do Management
At LG Chem, we are endeavoring to becoming a company respected from the society and customers and are implementing the following programs.
  • Operation of Management by Principle
    LG Chem operates the Ethics Bureau, an organization dedicated to Management by Principle, directly under the chief executive officer to execute the activities for Management by Principle systematically. LG Chem's Korea and overseas business sites also have their own Ethics Bureaus.
  • Website for Management by Principle
    LG Chem operates an intranet site containing the detailed information about Management by Principle such as the LG codes of conduct, Q&A on Management by Principle, etc. Through this website, LG Chem prevents any act of violation caused by the failure to accurately understand the LG codes of conduct and answers all the questions that might arise while carrying out Management by Principle.
  • Ethics Hotline
    LG Chem operates the Ethics Hotline to report any Management by Principle violations or wrongdoings. Executives, employees or any party concerned can submit a report via online, postal mail or fax. LG Chem makes a constant effort to prevent corruption and fraud by its employees while improving irrational systems and work processes.


  • Education/Promotion of Management by Principle
    LG Chem provides training programs for its employees by their duties, including purchase, sales, production, R&D, etc. and also by their titles, including new recruits, managers, seniors, etc. The company also provides online training programs so that all the employees can take the training courses for Management by Principle on a regular basis. Moreover, the company has expanded the scope of its training programs, covering overseas employees and partner companies. Alongside the training programs, LG Chem does its best to firmly establish the organizational culture of Management by Principle by promoting the relevant activities and sharing specific cases of violation.
  • Reports on Act of Bribery
    LG Chem strictly prohibits its employees from taking any monetary rewards or treats from the parties concerned under any circumstances. Notably, it prevents taking any personal gifts, including those for congratulations and condolences. If any of the employees had to take the money or gift for unavoidable reasons, they are required to return them after submitting a report to the company. If this is not possible, they are required to donate them directly to charitable organizations. If this is also impossible, the company holds an internal auction with the gifts its employees received and supports charitable organizations with the profits obtained from the auction.
  • Management by Principle Pledge
    LG Chem performs the Management by Principle Pledge for its entire employees online. In this pledge, LG Chem's employees and partner companies vow to comply with the LG codes of conduct and practice Management by Principle every year.
  • Survey on Management by Principle
    LG Chem performs Management by Principle survey every year targeting its employees and partner companies, and the survey results are used to improve the training programs/systems.
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