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Automotive Battery
World's No. 1 automobile battery supplier
The rechargeable battery for automobile is a mid- to large-sized lithium ion battery
used to provide power to an electric vehicle. Lithium ions move between the (+)/(-)
electrodes to produce electricity. Based on its cutting-edge technologies,
LG Chem has lead the global market by supplying batteries for electric vehicles to the
global automobile manufacturers.
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  • Product
  • Differentiation

Automobile Battery Differentiation

The No. 1 Company in the World

LG Chem provides batteries optimized for all eco-friendly vehicles from HEVs to PHEVs and EVs to global automobile manufacturers.

  • Micro

  • HEV

  • PHEV

  • EV

  • Hyundai/Kia Project(2009~)
    2009 - Avante and Forte Hybrids
    2011 - Sonata and K5 Hybrids
    2013 - Blue City Bus
    2014 - Grandeur and K7 Hybrids
    2015 - Gen 2 Sonata/K5 HEV and Sonata PHEV
    2016 - Ionic Micro HEV, PHEV, EV and
               Niro HEV, PHEV
    Hyundai/Kia Project(2009~)
  • GM Project(2010~)
    2010 - Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera
    2014 - Cadillac ELR
    2015 - Gen 2 Chevrolet Volt is launched
    2016 - 200 mail Bolt EV
    GM Project(2010~)
  • Renault Project(2012~)
    2012 - The Twizy and Zoe
    2013 - Fluence
    2016 - ZOE LREV (Long Range EV)
    Renault Project(2012~)
  • Ford Project(2012~)
    2012 - Focus
    Ford Project(2012~)
  • Volvo Project(2012~)
    2012 - V60
    2015 - S60L, XC90
    Volvo Project(2012~)

BMS with High Accuracy

LG Chem's battery management system (BMS) was developed by applying the ASIC chip, which is the epitome of the battery know-how that LG Chem has acquired, and the communication standards of automobile OEM companies. It demonstrates the accurate and reliable battery management technology that only LG Chem can offer.

Active battery management through internalization of specific cells
                - Highly-accurate algorithm developed using the proven data that LG Chem has accumulated - The epitome of LG Chem's accumulated expertise - Maximized battery specifications/performance

Pack structure optimized for xEV

Battery design and pack structure considering all aspects of the battery such as output, energy, cooling, size and price can be called the epitome of
LG Chem's technologies for efficient performance.

Uniform Temperature Control
Effective cooling system through
an active thermal maneagement model
Lighter Weight
  • Minimized cooling parts
  • Reduction of weight and volume
    with same cooling performance
Coolant Leak Free
Advanced design structure for isolation/prevention of leaks
Selection of Cooling Method
LG Chem's unique structure based on understanding of customer needs

Design flexibility that overcomes spatial restrictions

An automobile is built with tens of thousands of parts, and the positions and sizes of the battery may vary depending on the automobile manufactures.
Therefore, it is highly critical to have design flexibility.

Electrode - Change in size / Assembly : Change in capacity and tab direction - Cells are constructed by changing the size of the electrodes as well as the number/capacity of stacked pouch batteries. - Cell - Pack : Maximized capacity through changes in the cell design

Zero field issues

  • Product development
  • Processing capability
  • Production of
    high-quality battery
  • Find models with potential customer claim by year/cycle
    (estimation by cell).
  • Calculate the capacity retention rate by model.
  • Calculate the cell's capacity distribution rate according to customer claims.
  • Simulate the capacity distribution rate of a pack.

External Assessment

According to Navigant Research(former Pike Research),
LG Chem is an established leader of the market.

LG Chem has leading status prospects in 2020.
Source: Watch the Throne - How LG Chem Can Take Panasonic's EV Battery Crown
in 2020 by Lux research.

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