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Automotive Battery
World's No. 1 automotive battery supplier
The rechargeable battery for automobile is a mid- to large-sized lithium ion battery
used to provide power to an electric vehicle. Lithium ions move between the (+)/(-)
electrodes to produce electricity. Based on its cutting-edge technologies,
LG Chem has lead the global market by supplying batteries for electric vehicles to the
global automobile manufacturers.
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Automotive Battery Product

Batteries for electric vehicles demand high stability, high output and high energy density, and, in this regard, LG Chem's products are fully recognized for their performance and quality.

  • For Hybrid
    Micro HEV
    • Energy SourceElectricity, fossil fuel
    • Driving CharacteristicsImproves fuel efficiency by providing supplementary power to the engine.
    • Battery CharacteristicsThe motor supplements the engine when the engine is running. It is possible to stop or start the engine while driving. The battery supplies electricity to electric components.
    • Operation12V+48V
    Pure HEV
    • Energy SourceElectricity, fossil fuel
    • Driving CharacteristicsImproves fuel efficiency through optimized driving where the power is generated by either the engine or the motor according to the driving conditions.
    • Battery CharacteristicsThe main role of the rechargeable battery is to supplement the engine, so it produces high output.
    • OperationMotor-generator - Engine - Battery - Fuel tank
    Models equipped with LG Chem's battery

    Hyundai Sonata

    • A significant improvement in fuel efficiency through
      output increase.
    • Excellent instantaneous output/charging performance.
    • Long lifespan despite the frequent charging/discharging
      thanks to the little distortion/degeneration of electrodes.
  • For Plug-in
    • Energy SourceElectricity, fossil fuel (when discharged)
    • Driving CharacteristicsHaving the characteristics of both a hybrid vehicle and an electric vehicle, the PHEV uses only electricity for
      short-distance travels and the engine for long-distance travels.
    • Battery CharacteristicsIt has high energy density and produces high output.
    • OperationMotor-generator - Engine - Battery - Fuel tank
    • Models equipped
      with LG Chem's battery

      GM Volt

      • Realized high energy density for the same volume.
      • Outstanding driving performance in the EV mode
        due to the high output.
  • For Electric
    • Energy SourceElectricity
    • Driving CharacteristicsDriven only with the electricity. Zero pollution.
    • Battery CharacteristicsIt is important to secure enough driving distance. Therefore, high energy density is the most important feature
      of the battery.
    • OperationEngine not mounted - Battery
    • Models equipped
      with LG Chem's battery

      Renault ZOE

      • Secured high capacity per unit weight thanks
        to the light battery, increasing the travel distance.
      • Uniform temperature ensures sufficient cooling with
        a small amount of energy, extending the lifespan
        of the battery.

* In addition to the examples listed above, LG Chem can provide automotive batteries in the form of cell, module or pack depending on the vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Battery Solution

LG Chem has a product portfolio encompassing all products related to car batteries from cells to modules, BMS, packs and technical support.

  • Cell

    • Excellent stability based on the proprietary separator technology
    • Lightweight pouch that generates little heat
    • Secured competitiveness in the materials through raw material
      development and independent production
  • Pack

    • Efficient cooling system and the highest stability
  • Technical Support

    • Comprehensive consulting services based on the expertise accumulated through product development
  • Module

    • Easy to change the designs according to customers' requirements
    • A variety of cooling systems can be applied
  • BMS

    • Accurate battery management through LG's proprietary algorithm
    • Smooth communication between the automobile and battery
      software (AUTOSAR: automotive open system architecture)


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