Energy Management System
To cope with climate changes, LG Chem strives to reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission in its manufacturing processes and actively participates in the government's climate change prevention policies, exerting efforts to respond to global climate change problems.
Vision and Goals
No. 1 Greenovation Company
Strengthen Cost Leadership / Ease regulation impacts / Build Eco-friendly Processes
  • Enhance Competitiveness in Energy and GHG Reduction
  • Proactively Respond to Global Regulations
  • Support Green Business
Core Tasks
Energy Management
Establish mid-to-long-term plans.
Establish an energy management system.
Save energy and promote the use of new and renewable energy.
Response to Climate Change
Respond to emission trading system.
Carry out overseas CDM business.
Reduce supply chain greenhouse gas.
Policy Response & Communication
Respond to energy and climate change policies.
Communicate with stakeholders (CDP and DJSI).
Support sustainable product development.
Domestic Plants
Overseas Manufacturing Plants
Establishment of Energy Management System
- Established the Company's Energy Management System (EnMS and ISO50001).
Through the establishment of an energy management system, the company has continuously upgraded its energy management at the business sites and began to be recognized for its achievement.
  • The company's four business sites have been certified as Energy Champions (outstanding energy management work sites) by Korea Energy Agency by 2018.
  • The company was selected as the Best Energy Management Company in the First CEM Energy Management Leadership Award held by the U.S. Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM).
- Improved Energy Intensity in the Production Process.
Through its continuous energy saving activities, Yeosu NCC plant has been recognized as a plant with the world's highest level of energy intensity by Solomon Consulting, an NCC consulting firm, in 2013.This is an unrivaled level that consumes 40% or less energy than the world's average and 24% or less than the global top 25%.
- Spread the Use of Energy Storage System (ESS) and New and Renewable Energy.
The company has expanded the installation of energy storage systems (ESSs), which can enhance the stability of solar power generation system and power supply in the production process to respond to the national new and renewable energy policy.
Acquired an Energy Champion certificate.
Selected as the Best Energy Management Company by CEM (LG Chem Ochang Plant)