Youth Education
Sharing for Next Generations Based on its social contribtnion motto LG that makes young dreams come true, LG Chem promotes socialcontribtnion activities that focus on youth education
UN SDG No. 4- Quality education UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 10 - Reduced inequalities
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LG Chem Fun Chemistry Park (2015~)
Operate chemistry playground for elementary schools near business sites.
Operate 4 experience rooms and magic shows.
4,500 elementary school students participated.
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LG Chem Chemistry Camp (2005~)
Hold chemistry education for middle school students near business sites.
Operate creative experiments and chemistry games in the form of a camp.
Approx. 7,000 middle school students participated.
화학탐구 프런티어 페스티벌 2004~
Chemistry Frontier Festival (2004~)
Operate chemistry exploration festivals for high schools near business sites.
Provide overseas training benefits for top-ranked students.
Since its start in 2004, a total of 8,127 teams (16,254 people) have participated in a total of 11 festivals.