Responsible Sourcing
LG Chem does not use conflict minerals that cause violation of human rights in compliance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Conflict Minerals.
LG Chem Due Diligence Guidance for Conflict Minerals
  • Supplier Research Map supply chain and validate Identify, analyze and prioritize risks
  • Risk Assessment Self-Assessment Questionnaire On-site audit with 4rd party auditor
  • Risk Mitigation Apply Corrective Action Plans Drive responsible practices regularly
  • Improving transparency with traceability
  • Keeping supply chain as sustainable as possible
Responsible Sourcing Policy

The issue of child labor in the cobalt supply chain is not something that can be solved by LG Chem alone. Therefore, LG Chem participates in international initiatives and collaborates with other companies in the supply chain to build consensus and partnership.In particular, the company has applied a verification system for the cobalt supply chain that utilizes the block chain technology through collaboration with global companies such as electric vehicle manufacturers, IT companies, raw material suppliers and international verification institutions. Through these efforts, the company intends to prevent the use of minerals that have the possibility of human rights abuses, such as child labor, in the cobalt production process.