In the Petrochemicals business, the company has built a vertically integrated system from the basic raw materials such as ethylene and propylene to the downstream products such as PE, ABS and synthetic rubber. The Petrochemicals business is LG Chem's core business area with the
world-class productivity and cost competitiveness.

  • NCC
  • PO
  • PVC/Plasticizer
  • ABS
  • Acrylates/SAP
  • Rubbers/Specialty Polymers


The largest market share in the global market
LG Chem holds the largest market share in the global ABS market. ABS is a highly-functional plastic known for its strong heat resistance and impact resistance. It is highly processable and can be manufactured in various colors. It is used in numerous areas including toys such as LEGO, automobiles, home appliances, IT devices, etc.

Use of Product

Interior/Exterior material for automobiles, Refrigerator vegetable box, Photocopier, Vacuum Cleaner


Highly functional plastic with excellent weatherability
ASA is a copolymer of SAN and acrylic rubber, and it is a highly functional plastic with excellent weatherability while maintaining most of the advantages of ABS. Thanks to its excellent retention of physical properties and appearances in outdoor applications for a long time, it is used as a material for automobile exterior, construction and furniture finishing sheet, etc.

Use of Product

Side Mirror Housings, Radiator grille, Window profiles, Deco sheet

SANStyrene-Acrylonitrile copolymer

Plastic with excellent transparency and glossiness
SAN is a plastic with excellent transparency and glossiness. Also It is also resistant to impact and chemicals and is used in various products, such as refrigerator shelves, office goods, and other miscellaneous products.

Use of Product

Electric fan's blade, Kitchenware, Cosmetic container


Commonly used plastic resin including GPPS and HIPS
Polystyrene or PS, a thermoplastic resin made by polymerizing styrene monomer(SM), is one of the most widely used plastic materials.PS is divided into GPPS(General purpose PS) for general purposes and HIPS(High Impact PS) with enhanced impact resistance. They are used in many areas such as disposables, small home ppliances, stationeries depending on the respective properties.

Use of Product

TV housing, Refrigerator shelf, Photocopier(inside), Disposable cup

EPSExpandable Polystyrene

PS foam also known as styrofoam
A material widely known as styrofoam made by foaming the polystyrene(PS), a thermoplastic resin. As it is a foamed polystyrene, it is comprised of a large amount of air layers. Due to this characteristic, it has thermal insulation, impact absorption, water repellency, and sound insulation properties. It is thus widely used in multiple areas including protective packaging for home appliances, building insulators, food containers, and more.

Use of Product

Styrofoam box, Building insulators, Protective packaging, Food container