Advanced Materials

Every since the company succeeded in commercializing polarizers
for LCDs for the first time in Korea, LG Chem has increased its
global competitiveness in the display and IT device material areas
where cutting edge technologies are converged.

  • Automotive Materials
  • Display Materials
  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Rechargeable Battery Materials
  • Water Treatment Materials

EPCEngineering Plastic Compound

Highly-functional engineering plastic whose properties have been enhanced with compounding
Engineering plastic is lighter yet stronger than general plastics. Thus, it is used as an industrial material for automobiles and electronic parts. EPC is a highly-functional engineering plastic whose properties have been further enhanced by using the engineering plastic as the base material and adding certain additives to it. LG Chem provides excellent products based on its proprietary technologies.

Use of Product

Automotive engine parts, Exterior materials for automobiles, Interior materials for automobiles


    LUPOY is an engineering plastic made with LG Chem's PC(Polycarbonate) or PC/ABS alloy.


    LUPOX is an engineering plastic based on the PBT(Polybutyleneterephthalate). It performs a variety of properties by forming an alloy with different materials such as PC and ABS. Its distinctive features include fast crystallization speed and excellent electrical properties.


    LUMID and LUXY are engineering plastics based on PA(Polyamide).


    LUPOL, an engineering plastic based on PP, is a functional PP compounded resin whose mechanical properties and heat resistance have been enhanced while maintaining the balance in overall properties by adding shock-absorbing material.


    LUPOS, an ABS/SAN compounded engineering plastic reinforced with glass fiber, is a material whose mechanical properties have been significantly enhanced and heat deflection temperature has been increased by adding glass fiber to the styrene resin.


    LUCEL, an engineering plastic based on the POM(Polyoxy methylene), is a material widely applied in the fields of automobiles, electricity, electronics and products for its remarkable mechanical, thermal and chemical properties as well as excellent dimensional stability and wear resistance.


    LUMILOY is an engineering plastic based on LG Chem's mPPE(or mPPO). Specifically, mPPE is a product made by forming an alloy between PPE(Polyphenylene Ether) and resins of different kinds such as PS(Polystyrene) and PA(Polyamide). As a product of low specific gravity and high heat resistance, it has excellent hydrolysis resistance.


    LUMIPLAS is a highly efficient light diffusion material for LED light sources with excellent optical properties (light transmittance/light diffusion).It is a light diffusion-enabled engineering plastic made by adding light diffusing agents to polycarbonates. LG Chem has a variety of products in terms of optical properties and flame resistances.

TPEThermo Plastic Elastomer

Polymer with the properties of both rubber and plastic
TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer whose molding is easy just like thermoplastics and which has rubber-like elasticity when used. It has both elasticity of conventional rubber and molding processability of thermoplastic resin, which makes it widely used for automobiles, electronic appliances, construction materials, daily commodities and clothing.

Use of Product

Airbag cover, Interior/exterior materials for automobiles


    KEYFLEX-BT is a thermoplastic elastomer that LG Chem developed based on its plastic compounding technology and synthetic rubber polymerization technology. It maintains outstanding mechanical strength and flexibility even at low temperature. It also has heat resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance.


    KEYFLEX-TO is a thermoplastic elastomer containing olefin resin as the main ingredient. It performs properties similar to those of rubber and excellent process-ability and is used to manufacture automotive parts and electric/electronic components.

Specialty Compound

New types of plastic products
Specialty Compounding products are new types of plastic products created by applying LG Chem's proprietary technology on highly-functional plastics.

Use of Product

Interior materials for automobiles, Fuel tank


    LUCON is a product with electrical and thermal conductivity and is made by adding conductive materials to various types of plastic materials. It is widely used in areas where diverse kinds of electrical properties are required such as semiconductor, electric/electronic components and automotive parts.


    LUSEP is a super engineering material of high heat resistance and high strength made based on PPS(Polyphenylene Sulfide), PPA(Polyphthal Amide) and SPS(Syndiotactic Polystyrene).


    HYPERIER is a new advanced engineering plastic material with high sealing property based on nano technology. It is often used for containers which need to prevent the leakage of solvent, water or gas such as food, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, etc. as well as for portable fuel containers.


High-strength Engineering Plastic
PC(Polycarbonate) is an engineering plastic, a high-quality plastic that is mainly used for products and is stronger and lighter than general plastics. Polycarbonate, known as the material used in bulletproof glass, is transparent and resistant to impact and heat, making it the most sought-after material in various industrial fields such as electronics, automobiles, and mechanical components.

Use of Product

Lens for glasses, Water container, Home appliances, Sealed container

Automotive Adhesion Materials

Effective solutions for adhesion for automobiles
LG Chem provides solutions for adhesion in vehicles that are effective for vehicle management and repair, using its highly functional products optimized for attachment and protection of external/internal materials for vehicles.

Use of Product

External mounting Material for vehicles, Internal mounting Material for vehicles, Seal, Glazing

  • AFT

    AFT(Acrylic Foam Tape) is a double-sided coated Acrylic foam tape used to attach or fix external/internal mounting materials to a vehicle, such as emblems, exterior molding, and accessories. It offers high adhesion performances and robustness against external physical impacts or vibrations, making permanent maintenance possible.

  • PPF

    PPF(Paint Protection Film) is a protective film used to prevent damages to the exterior painting of a vehicle that can be caused by stones or sands during a drive on the road. It is attached to parts vulnerable to scratches such as the bumper, front hood, wheel arches, and door edges, to protect the painted surface.

  • BOT

    BOT(Black Out Tape) is a tape that can replace painting, and is used for the center pillars or sashes of vehicle doors. It is an attachable-type tape that is applied more easily than painting, and various types of glossy products can improve the exterior design of a vehicle.