Advanced Materials

Every since the company succeeded in commercializing polarizers
for LCDs for the first time in Korea, LG Chem has increased its
global competitiveness in the display and IT device material areas
where cutting edge technologies are converged.

  • Automotive Materials
  • Display Materials
  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Rechargeable Battery Materials
  • Water Treatment Materials

Automotive Adhesion Materials

Effective solutions for adhesion for automobiles
LG Chem provides solutions for adhesion in vehicles that are effective for vehicle management and repair, using its highly functional products optimized for attachment and protection of external/internal materials for vehicles.

Use of Product

External mounting Material for vehicles, Internal mounting Material for vehicles, Seal, Glazing

  • AFT

    AFT(Acrylic Foam Tape) is a double-sided coated Acrylic foam tape used to attach or fix external/internal mounting materials to a vehicle, such as emblems, exterior molding, and accessories. It offers high adhesion performances and robustness against external physical impacts or vibrations, making permanent maintenance possible.

  • PPF

    PPF(Paint Protection Film) is a protective film used to prevent damages to the exterior painting of a vehicle that can be caused by stones or sands during a drive on the road. It is attached to parts vulnerable to scratches such as the bumper, front hood, wheel arches, and door edges, to protect the painted surface.

  • BOT

    BOT(Black Out Tape) is a tape that can replace painting, and is used for the center pillars or sashes of vehicle doors. It is an attachable-type tape that is applied more easily than painting, and various types of glossy products can improve the exterior design of a vehicle.

Automotive Battery Materials

Solutions for automobile battery assembly
The automobile battery is one of the key parts of an electrical vehicle. LG Chem develops and produces various products such as cell fixing tapes, cell deformation prevention foams, and pads for controlling battery heat that are necessary for the battery assembly process, and provides various types of solutions that can improve the efficiency of the assembly process.

Use of Product

Battery assembly, Battery packing, Battery heat control, Glazing

  • Double-sided Tape

    Double-sided tapes are used to attach cells to cells or cells to module cases, or fix compression pads(for shock absorption) during the manufacturing process of electrical car battery modules.

  • Foam Spacer

    Foam Spacer prevents deformation due to cell shrinkage or expansion during charging and discharging with its high compression and recovery characteristic.

  • Thermal Pad

    Thermal Pad is a heat-discharging pad used to control the heat generated in a battery. Located between the battery module and the heat sink of outside of the pack, it transfers heat generated inside to outside.