Advanced Materials

Every since the company succeeded in commercializing polarizers
for LCDs for the first time in Korea, LG Chem has increased its
global competitiveness in the display and IT device material areas
where cutting edge technologies are converged.

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  • Display Materials
  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Rechargeable Battery Materials
  • Water Treatment Materials


The biggest manufacturer of large-sized Polarizer in the world market
As one of the key materials that constitute the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), this optical film transmits the light emitted from the LCD's backlight in a single direction while blocking the light coming from other directions. LG Chem boasts its competitiveness as the largest manufacturer of large-sized Polarizer in the world market.

Use of Product

TV, Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

Polarizer Materials

Functional film used to protect polarizer and improve its performance
Polarizer materials are functional films used to protect and improve the quality of polarizers which are a key component of displays, and LG Chem’s products have the world’s best competitiveness with its distinct technologies.

Use of Product


  • Protective Film

    Protective films are used to prevent possible pollutions or damages that may occur during the processes of manufacturing or conveyance of polarizers. They also minimize generation of electrostatics when being removed from polarizers, protecting the polarizers from electrostatics.

  • Surface-processed Film

    Surface-processed films are used on the surface of polarizers to improve visibility through enhancing mechanical properties and adding the functions of preventing glare and reflection. As a polarizer is placed on the top of the surface of a display and affects the properties of light reflection and scattering, various sorts of surface processing are required to minimize them.

  • Acrylic Film

    Acrylic films have high transparency and durability as well as excellent weather resistance, and are used to protect the PVA layer which is responsible for key functions of a polarizer. They replace the existing TAC films and make it possible to manufacture thinner polarizers.

Glass Substrate

A key material for TFT-LCD
Glass Substrate is a thin glass board on which a thin circuit is deposited with precision. It is a key material for LCD. Ever since LG Chem ventured into the LCD market in 2009, it has remained fully committed to relentless research and development activities to produce glass substrates of high quality.

Use of Product

TV, Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

Touch Materials

Key materials of touch panel
ITO film and OCA are key materials used to realize the functions of the touch screen panel(TSP). LG Chem supplies highly functional transparent adhesive film products that can be applied to 3D glass and flexible displays as well as to touch screen panels.

Use of Product

Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet PC, Vehicle display, Industrial touch panel, display

  • OCA

    OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive) is an optically transparent adhesive film used to combine the layers of a touch screen panel(TSP) or combine a cover-glass with a display.

  • ITO Film

    ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) film is core materials of touch panel that metalize Indium and Tin on PET film or Glass substrate by using Sputter.

Display Adhesive Materials

Solutions for adhesion of various display panels
The adhesive materials for displays have a double-sided taping function with high adhesive and optical characteristics. They are used to fix intervals between panels and alleviate impacts during various display manufacturing processes such as for mobile devices or TVs, to eventually achieve improved product performance and reliability.

Use of Product

SmartPhone, Flexible OLED, TV, Monitor, Laptop

  • Mobile Tape

    Mobile tape is a highly functional material used to fix various parts in a mobile device. It has excellent adhesive and compressive forces, as well as great waterproofing and shock-absorbing abilities.

  • Display Tape

    Display tape is a double-sided tape with highly adhesive and optical characteristics. It is used to fix large-sized display panel parts such as a TV or laptop and to discharge generated heat to outside.

OLED Materials

Key material for the next-generation display
LG Chem produces the HIL, HTL, EML, and ETL materials, the key organic materials for OLED, a next-generation display. LG Chem has secured product competitiveness through continuous research and development activities.

Use of Product

OLED TV, OLED lamp, Smartphone

LCD Photoresist

A key material for implementing vivid LCD colors
A photo-sensitive material is a key material for a LCD color filter and is made of liquid chemical that responds to the light to form three different pixels of red, green and blue and create various colors. It is made using cutting-edge technologies including semiconductor processing technology, photo-etching technology, material engineering and precision chemistry. LG Chem succeeded in the mass production of photo-sensitive materials for the first time in Korea by using its proprietary technology.

Use of Product

TV, Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

LCD Stripper

Essential element for TFT circuit electrode production
This exfoliative liquid peels off the photo-sensitive material used for manufacturing a metal electrode of an LCD Panel and removes foreign substances. This prevents circuit corrosion.

Use of Product

TV, Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone