Advanced Materials

Every since the company succeeded in commercializing polarizers
for LCDs for the first time in Korea, LG Chem has increased its
global competitiveness in the display and IT device material areas
where cutting edge technologies are converged.

  • Automotive Materials
  • Display Materials
  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Rechargeable Battery Materials
  • Water Treatment Materials

RO Membranes

LG Chem leads the way in membrane technology.
Thin-film membranes are widely used in water treatment processes as a means of removing contaminants and purifying water from a broad range of sources. LG Chem develops and manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) membranes that are widely used in various applications ranging from seawater desalination to waste water reuse. In May 2014, LG Chem acquired NanoH2O, a US-based RO membrane manufacturer known for its innovative thin-film nanocomposite membrane technology that dramatically improves membrane efficiency and productivity. This unique technology, combined with LG Chem’s experience in roll-to-roll coating, excellence in chemical and polymer manufacturing, and world-class research & development will propel the growth of its NanoH2O™ line of reverse osmosis membranes.
Water SolutionsProjection Software

Use of Product

Seawater desalination, Industrial water, Ultra-pure water, Waste water reuse, Potable water