LG Way

LG Way

LG Way is the call to becoming a premier company; hence the essence of its strategic vision is embodied in NO.1 LG. At its foundation is the management principles of Customer-Value Creation and People-Oriented Management, which are in turn implemented according to the high ethical standards of behavior delineated by Jeong-Do Management.

  • vision - No.1 LG - The ultimate goal of LG is to be recognized as
    the market leader in business performance as
    well as in management practices
  • Behavioral Mode - jeongdo management - Ethical management and code of conduct to
    enable capability development and fair
  • ManagementPrinciple - custome-value creation / People-oriented management- The fundamental organizational principle guiding
    LG from beginning as a firm

Achieving 'NO.1 LG'

No.1 LG
  • To Customers

    A trustworthy brand that
    provides the best products
    and services.

  • To Investors

    A secure investment that
    yields sustainably high

  • To Employees

    A exceptional workplace that
    attracts talented individuals.

  • To Competitors

    A leader that dominates, and
    a leader to learn from.

Code of Conduct
Jeong-Do Management
  • Integrity

    Work done with utmost transparency
    according to principles and standards.

  • Fair transaction

    Provide equal opportunities and
    fair treatment in every transaction.

  • Fair-competition

    Improve capabilities through with
    which one can beat rivals in fair

Management Principles
Management Principles
  • Customer-Value Creation
    • Customer-First
    • Substantive value delivery
    • Innovation-driven creation.
  • People-Oriented Management
    • Self-Management and creativity
    • Respect for human dignity
    • Capability development and actualization
    • Performance-based rewards.