CEO Park, Jin-Soo

LG Chem will grow to make the humanity’s life healthier and richer.

LG Chem continues to ponder the question of what the humanity would need for a better tomorrow, and we are always putting our best effort to find the solutions.
This effort has been the driving force in us becoming the representative chemical company of Korea, with its continuous growth for over 70 years since its foundation in 1947.

LG Chem, starting with Basic Materials & Chemicals in the petrochemical industry, has focused on 'material' which is the base of all products and has expanded its business
scope to the Energy Solution and IT&Electronics material field. We brought 'materials of dream' into reality through our new technologies and products that had previously
been non-existent, further advancing the technology in order for all the citizens of the world to benefit from our products.

Now, LG Chem is taking one step further from material, focusing our competency on achieving meaningful results in ‘Energy, Water, and Bio' areas which are essential for
a healthy humanity and earth. LG Chem will put its best effort while adhering to the basics as always, in order to become a company that considers the value of customers
as the foremost priority and makes the human life healthier and richer.