Advanced Materials

Every since the company succeeded in commercializing polarizers
for LCDs for the first time in Korea, LG Chem has increased its
global competitiveness in the display and IT device material areas
where cutting edge technologies are converged.

  • Automotive Materials
  • Display Materials
  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Rechargeable Battery Materials
  • Water Treatment Materials

Automotive Battery Materials

Solutions for automobile battery assembly
The automobile battery is one of the key parts of an electrical vehicle. LG Chem develops and produces various products such as cell fixing tapes, cell deformation prevention foams, and pads for controlling battery heat that are necessary for the battery assembly process, and provides various types of solutions that can improve the efficiency of the assembly process.

Use of Product

Battery assembly, Battery packing, Battery heat control, Glazing

  • Double-sided Tape

    Double-sided tapes are used to attach cells to cells or cells to module cases, or fix compression pads(for shock absorption) during the manufacturing process of electrical car battery modules.

  • Foam Spacer

    Foam Spacer prevents deformation due to cell shrinkage or expansion during charging and discharging with its high compression and recovery characteristic.

  • Thermal Pad

    Thermal Pad is a heat-discharging pad used to control the heat generated in a battery. Located between the battery module and the heat sink of outside of the pack, it transfers heat generated inside to outside.

Rechargeable Battery Materials

Key to maintaining competitiveness of world-class battery technology
Cathode material provides lithium ions while electrolytes work like a medium that transports lithium ion between (-) electrode and (+) electrode. LG Chem produces a battery from start to finish, including its raw material as well as finished goods, utilizing its competitiveness in battery technology.

Use of Product

Mobile Battery(Rectangular), Mobile Battery(Cylindrical), Automobile Battery, ESS Battery