Personnel Management Principles

Personnel Management Principles in Pursuit of the LG Way
LG Chem respects the creativity and freedom of its employee and focuses on emphasizing ability and treating employees fairly.

LG Chem of Personnel Management Principles

People Management - Management Philosophy - Creating Value for our Customers
  • Respect creativity and freedomCreativity creates value
    LG Chem values diversity and creativity
    among its employees and encourages
    every employee to express their ingenuity.
  • AbilityAbility drives productivity
    LG Chem establishes and operates the
    conditions and processes required for its
    employees to develop their abilities.
    Performance RewardsRewarding performance is the key
    to motivation
    LG Chem reviews the performance of its
    employees and teams fairly and rewards
    personnel accordingly.
  • Fair ChancesProviding fair chances builds a
    foundation of trust
    Every employee receives a fair chance to
    realize their full potential according to their
    abilities and qualifications.
    Long Term PerspectiveOur personnel and organization
    management is based on our long-term
    plans for the company.
    Personnel management decisions and
    activities must be carried out consistently
    on a long-term perspective.

Best Ability, Best Results, and Best Benefits

    LG Chem recruits the most talented people from around the world regardless of their race, nationality, or gender.
    • Recruiting creative and original talent
    • Department assignment based on the recruit's preference and aptitude
    • Providing incentives to core talent in consideration of the market value and business influence
    LG Chem provides more tasks and training opportunities to excellent employees through fair and objective evaluation, eventually promoting them to become the core talent of the company.
    • Objective and fair evaluation
    • Providing systematic training opportunities
    • Providing individual promotion consultation and a career development planning system
    LG Chem provides the best benefits to top talent regardless of their race, nationality, gender, religion, disability, region, or affiliation.
    • Salary system based on personal ability and performance
    • Fair rewards based on performance
    • Promotion by selection