Sustainability Management System

As a materials company, LG Chem strives to create sustainable value by prioritizing people and respecting the environment in all of our business activities. To this end, we have chosen to include 10 strategies for sustainability, economic, environmental, and societal management in our vision entitled "Sustainable Chemistry for Humanity and the Environment."

Sustainable Chemistry for Human and Environment
Principles of

We abide by the principles of sustainability to create sustainable value.

  1. 01 We provide environmentally friendly and innovative materials and solutions.
  2. 02 We adhere to business ethics as a corporate citizen.
  3. 03 We make products and run operations in a sustainable way.
  4. 04 We contribute to the growth of communities using our capabilities.
  1. 01. Economic
    • Expanding markets and
      increasing sales
    • Improving customer value
  2. 02. Environmental
    • Strengthening product
    • Responding to climate
      change and reducing energy
    • Reducing the environmental
      impacts of operations
  3. 03. Social
    • Reinforcing safety and health
    • Strengthening compliance
      with fair trade
    • Strengthening partnerships
      with business partners

      Supplier Code of Conduct

    • Pursuing strategic social
    • Respecting human rights and
      developing talent

      Global Human Rights & Labor Policy