About Us
About Us
Beyond a chemical company, LG Chem will become a leading science-oriented corporation that creates value for our customers.
  • Headquarters

    LG Twin Towers,128, Yeoui-daero,
    Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

  • Sales
    (as of 2022)

    KRW 51.86 trillion

  • Operating Income
    (as of 2022)

    KRW 2.9957 trillion

  • Number of Employees
    (as of 2022)


    Domestic 14,500
    Overseas 5,000

Shin Hak-Cheol
LG Chem’s promising next-generation growth engines range from battery materials to sustainability to bio-industry.
We aim to rise as a powerful global leader that achieves sales of over 60 trillion KRW by 2030.
Business Areas
Petrochemicals Company
We contribute to industrial development with various world-class petrochemical products.
  • NCC/PO Division
  • PVC/Plasticizers Division
  • ABS Division
  • Acrylates Division
  • High Performance Materials Division
  • Sustainability Division (POE, CNT etc.)
  • Nexolution Division (SAP, NBL etc.)
  • Catalyst Division
Advanced Materials Company
We advance toward the future lifestyle through state-of-the-art high-tech specialty materials.
  • Cathode Material Division
  • IT Materials Division
  • Engineering Materials Division
  • Seperator Material Division
  • Water Solutions Division
Life Sciences Company
Improving the quality of our lives through state-of-the-art R&D capabilities.
  • Primary Care Division
  • Specialty Care Division
  • Aesthetic Division