World-class materials company with strong R&D capability
LG Chem aims to reinforce the competitiveness of its core technologies, increase investment in the next-generation materials and technologies, and develop new growth engines for the future to maintain its position as a global leader in R&D in the materials industry. We also pursue harmonious long-term growth in the environment, society, and economy by developing environmentally-friendly technology and products.
  • Next Generation Materials Research Center
  • Platform Technology Research Center
  • Analytical Sciences Center
  • Biomaterials Technology TFT
  • Petrochemicals R&D
  • CS(Customer Solution) Center
  • Development by Business Unit
    • NCC/PO
    • PVC/Plasticizers
    • ABS
    • HPM
    • Sustainability
    • Nexolution
    • Catalyst
Advanced Materials Company
  • Development by Business Unit
    • Cathode materials
    • Electronic Materials (Materials, Semiconductor Materials)
    • Engineering materials
    • Separators
Life Sciences
  • Drug Discovery Center
  • CMC Research Center
  • Drug Development Center
  • Clinical Development Group
R&D Expenses / Workforce
LG Chem is committed to investing in our future, as evident in our continued expansion of R&D expenses and workforce.
- R&D Expenses
(unit: KRW 100 million)
See table below
R&D Expenses :2021 ,2022 ,2023
2021 14,045
2022 17,887
2023 20,863
- R&D Workforce
(unit: person)
See table below
R&D Workforce :2021 ,2022 ,2023
2021 6,286
2022 7,151
2023 7,429
Accumulation of Intellectual Property
LG Chem has accumulated a rich reserve of patents and trademarks through strategic management of intellectual property.
Domestic patents and trademarks
Overseas patents and trademarks
(unit: number of registrations)
See table below See table below
Accumulation of Intellectual Property :2021 ,2022 ,2023
2021 16,857 29,517
2022 17,876 62,100
2023 18,268 31,828
Capacity building
Systematic intellectual property management
We have strengthened the system to establish patent strategies spanning the entire corporation, from R&D activities to business operations.
Step-by-step patent management
From early R&D to commercialization, our dedicated IP experts provide focused support to acquire patents and strategize their applications.
Open innovation
We are fostering various open innovations to prepare for the future and tap into exceptional technologies early.
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