Youth Education
Sharing for Next Generations LG Chem engages in youth education support activities to help foster talented individuals for the future of the scientific and environmental sectors.
Green Education
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LG Chem Fun Chemistry Park (2015~)
A science/environment program that visits elementary schools located near business sites
Operation of four experience-based zones (LG Chem Hall, Energy Zone, Life Zone, Chemical Experiment Zone) and a magic show
4,500 elementary school students participated.
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LG Chem Chemistry Camp (2005~)
A science/environment program linked to school curriculums for middle-school students residing near business sites
Activities such as making chemical products used in everyday life and directly experiencing occupations linked to science and its environment
Approx. 7,200 middle school students participated.
화학탐구 프런티어 페스티벌 2004~
Chemistry Frontier Festival (2004~)
Operate chemistry exploration festivals for high schools near business sites. (Jointly hosted by six member companies of the Korea Petrochemical Industry Association)
Provide overseas training benefits for top-ranked students.
Since its start in 2004, a total of 9,000 teams participated
내가 만드는 세상 재미있는 화학
내가 만드는 세상 재미있는 화학
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Educational Mentor Group Led by College Students (~2018)
Chemistry Playground, Chemistry Camp Mentoring, and experience-based support programs
Selection of a mentor group in four regions (Seoul, Chungcheong-do, Jeolla-do, Gyeongsang-do)
Successfully carried out by over 100 college students