• 1954
    You are the rebuilder.
    A place of history

    After the construction of Yeonji factory in 1954, the company introduced the calender machine for the first time in Korea and widened the horizon of the plastic manufacturing business through development of a variety of products such as vinyl flower floor sheet, polyethylene film, etc. On the front gate of Yeonji factory, you could see the memorable phrase “You are the rebuilder.” Now the front gate of LG Science Hall is located where the factory front gate used to be, telling interesting science stories to many visitors.

  • 1979
    Only with technological power
    “Technological power is the competitiveness.”
    A place of history

    The company started its full-fledged research on cutting-edge technologies such as polymers, fine chemistry, and genetic engineering by establishing Corporate R&D center, which was the first total research center in Korea, in Daedeok Science Town in 1979. The Corporate R&D center, which had the state-of-the-art facilities then and renowned masters and doctors working as researchers, relocated to Munji-dong and expanded its facilities in 1994, forming the present “Research Park”. LG Chem has R&D centers operating not only in Korea (Daejeon and Gwacheon) but also overseas (China, U.S.A., and Japan).

  • 1987
    LG Twin Towers
    Opening the era of Yeouido
    A place of history

    In October 1987, the building completion ceremony for “LG Twin Towers” was held, proclaiming the opening of the Yeouido era.
    LG Twin Towers, also called as the twin buildings because of the east and west towers that are of the same shape, is a landmark in Yeouido. Inside LG Twin Towers, which has 34 floors above the ground and can hold about 10,000 people, the head offices of LG Chem, LG Corp., LG Electronics, LG International, etc. are located.

  • 1990
    Heated discussions
    Change and growth
    A place of history

    In early 1990’s, LG Chem carried out a variety of business innovation activities. One of them was JMB, which is similar to today’s employee discussion bodies. Discussions for making a better company and brighter future resulted in changes, and these efforts were put together to firmly establish LG Chem among the world’s top competitors. As the predecessors did, the workers today are filling the meeting rooms for heated discussions to make a hopeful future and a better company to hand over to their successors.

  • 1990
    Product diversification
    Securing global competitiveness
    A place of history

    With the completion ceremony of Yeocheon Petrochemical Complex held in May, 1990 as the starting point, the company has worked hard and realized the consistent petrochemical production system for a range of products from refined oil to processed products, completing the vertical integration. Propelling the basic materials business, the company also founded joint ventures with world-class companies to diversify products and secure global competitiveness. Also, LG MMA located within the Yeosu factory is a company established in 1991 through a joint investment contract between LG Chem, Sumitomo Chemical, and Nippon Shokubai.

  • 1991
    Toward the world’s number one
    The cradle of talents, “Leadership Center”
    A place of history

    “Leadership Center” is a total study and training facility established in Osan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea in June 1991. In October 1996, a company executive workshop was held in the center prior to TA (turnaround) activities. It is said that the participants divided all the businesses into smallest units to thoroughly scrutinize them and review their essence and pledged to work to achieve the world-class growth capacity by securing differentiated technologies and breaking limits. To this day, Leadership Center has cultivated and polished many talents of LG Chem.